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Our Services

The company draws on a range of in- house skills as well as skills in-sourced as and when needed.

These skills include legal, accounting, business restructuring, due diligence and forensic investigations.

Other services offered by Pholosang include:

  • Corporate legal advisory services
  • Business advisory services
  • Representation of aggrieved BEE shareholders who have been defrauded of dividends, profits or other related forms of income or benefits
  • Restructuring and recapitalisation of companies with BEE shareholding
  • Representing clients who are entering new or revised BEE deals
  • Strategic BEE policy and implementation reviews for institutions, departments and organisations
  • Forensic investigations
  • Corporate governance reviews and assistance with implementing best practice

We are able to represent individuals, companies or other legal persons, pension funds and public institutions. While our focus is on those companies with a BEE shareholding and BEE companies, we will act for any person, company or institution that require the services we offer subject to our terms and conditions.