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What PHOLOSANG can do for you

Whilst Black Economic empowerment policies have increased opportunities for Black business people in the South African economy, the intent of these policies is often subverted through unethical or dishonest practices such as fronting, misrepresentation and outright fraud.

Black business people so defrauded, often face significant hurdles to obtain redress, including lack of information about the operations of the company, insufficient resources to institute legal proceedings and professionals who don't always understand the overall dynamic of such cases.

Litigation is expensive and lengthy and different areas of skills are required to mount an effective challenge.

PHOLOSANG has been specifically set up to focus on providing innovative solutions in such instances. Our approach ensures that by engaging PHOLOSANG, aggrieved business people can access a variety of consultancy services such as legal, business advisory and forensic accounting in a cost effective manner.

Pholosang also runs regular workshops on B-BBEE and the impact of changes of legislation, for example the recent revised Codes and the amendments to the B-BBEE Act.

These workshops are designed to assist companies to adjust and be more compliant with B-BBEE policies and legislation.

Our Services

The company draws on a range of in- house skills as well as skills in-sourced as and when needed.

These skills include legal, accounting, business restructuring, due diligence and forensic investigations.

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Our Fee Structure

The company's fee structure is flexible. It is structured taking into account various factors including the nature of the assignment and complexity of the matter.

Once the company has accepted the assignment, it will discuss with the client an appropriate fee structure tailored to the case. Regardless of the structure of fee arrangement, the company requires disbursements to be paid for upfront.